Pemo Theodore is a Media Publisher

“I’ve always been interested in media from a very young age!”


Business Insider article via Fred Destin, Atlas Ventures Dec 9, 2010 ‘Restoring The Shortfall In Venture Funding For Women’

BlogHer interview 2011 with Pemo on her project ‘Why are Women Funded Less than Men?’ 

Listen to Pemo’s interview with James Walsh on The Celebefex Show on Nov 14, 2017: Celebefex Show #196 with guest Pemo Theodore talking about Silicon Valley startups, venture capital and music (3 of her greatest loves apart from her 3 kids in Oz!)

Mark Suster, Partner GRP Ventures mentioned Pemo’s video project on his blog Both Sides of the Table “Why Aren’t there More Women Entrepreneurs?” & reposted on FastCompany

Startup Events

Past Glories

Here are some Irish TV where Pemo was featured as a Life Changing Coach

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