FinTech Silicon Valley

David Blumberg Founder/Managing Partner Blumberg Ventures on FinTech Silicon Valley Events

“Fintech Silicon Valley TV was super helpful when we started out and wanted to quickly establish our name.  That initial video clip they made of us became a reference point and was the first time most people heard our voice and value proposition.  Pemo is a seasoned pro.” Mark Straub, CEO/CoFounder Smile Identity

“Pemo you do an excellent job of being on that forefront of things and really bringing people together, so I applaud you for doing that broadly and having such an excellent group of connections and your access. So you’ve done a great job.” Susan Mason, CoFounder/Partner Aligned Partners podcast

“Thanks Pemo Theodore. Love what you are doing to advance the visibility of #fintech innovation!” Jeremy Almond CEO Paystand via Linkedin

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