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Brian Dixon Partner Kapor Capital VCChats Demos

“In the Summer of 2014 I was on Pemo’s “speed pitching” #nopanels. The founder of Tempo Automation pitched me. He had 5 minutes. I liked what I heard. I asked him if he had a female co-founder, the answer was “yes” so I sent them to Golden Seeds. Golden Seeds funded Tempo. Tempo Automation, Inc. (located in San Francisco) just closed their $40M Series C round which was led by a major SF VC. I invested in the C-round along with Golden Seeds and the VC. The company has a valuation of $140M and expects to have an IPO in two years. Just another Pemo success story.Marissa Alma McGinnis, Golden Seeds

“Thank you so much for inviting me to NoPanels. I had wonderful discussions with entrepreneurs. One in particular Geoff Macalvay and his exciting new product at Tempo Automation. I was so excited. And Im excited now to say that a couple of months later he raised huge money over $1m and also substantial investment by Golden Seeds Angel group of which Im a member as well. So we invested in Tempo Automation as a result of meeting him Pemo’s event.” Nancy Hayes, Angel Investor

“Working with Silicon Valley TV has been great.  Even months later, the videos remain popular both with candidates for roles at Beam and with potential customers!” Ben Duranske CEO Beam

“Pemo is fantastic to work with and runs some of the best FinTech and startup events in Silicon Valley. She is always able to bring together a terrific group of people and makes her events very accessible to a broad range of people, from novices in the topics, to the most expert. It’s been a pleasure to have had a chance to participate in several of her events, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in what’s happening in FinTech in San Francisco.” Pierre-R. Wolff InCountry via Linkedin

“Pemo is a Dynamo! She puts a lot of energy and care into these programs and it shows in the quality of the discussion.” Miko Matsumura Founder Evercoin

“Silicon Valley TV Produces high-quality content in the tech realm. They gather experts from various domains, assemble a relevant audience and produce great events. It’s always a pleasure to participate, and I always meet interesting people and build new relationships.” David Blumberg Founder/Managing Partner Blumberg Capital

“Pemo continues to keep the quality and value of SVTV above all other standards – thank you for everything you do.” Peter Rafelson, Founder Digiramp

“Pemo has some great experience / useful assets that are helpful to lots of people and great for the startup / tech / investor community!” Dave McClure formerly CoFounder 500Startups

“Every event I’ve been to resulted in either a new important insight or a new key relationships and often both.” Steve Kirsch CEO Token

“I actually really enjoyed Pemo’s event! My only regret is that over the last year schedules haven’t aligned for more. I was struck by two things: the first was the folks that Pemo brings to the conversation (I re-met a panelist at the event and have since kept up regular communication with him) and 2) the community that Pemo is building. Don’t stop! I also thought the videos are helpful. I have linked to mine on my linkedin and social!” Alex Lazarow Global Venture Investor Cathay Innovation

“FinTech Silicon Valley events are excellent networking opportunities. I’ve been a panelist and moderator, and each time I’ve met incredibly interesting people.” Wayne Vaughan CEO Tierion

“I got great value in our 1-on-1 conversation video interview because it allowed me to share my fintech & real estate experiences in an intimate setting.” John Kang CoFounder/CEO REASI

“Thanks Pemo Theodore. Love what you are doing to advance the visibility of #fintech innovation!” Jeremy Almond CEO Paystand via Linkedin

“You are fabulous and inspiring Pemo! Thanks for everything you do.” John Boitnott journalist via Linkedin

What are the challenges for #VC backed #startups? VC Chat w/ #KauffmanFellows @ckorver Susan Mason @pemo

— Kauffman Fellows (@KauffmanFellows) July 28, 2017

Thanks, Pemo. It was a fun event

— Sharon Wienbar (@wienbar) July 18, 2017

It was such a pleasure to be on the angel investing panel with Kevin Smith and Prashant Shah. Thank you @pemo

— Terri Hanson Mead (@terrihansonmead) July 6, 2017

Thank you @pemo for the opportunity to speak about angel investing and the investing in female founders

— Terri Hanson Mead (@terrihansonmead) July 6, 2017

At least my shoes weren’t intense looking! It really was a fun and lighthearted chat.

— Terri Hanson Mead (@terrihansonmead) July 1, 2017

@MrStartup from @KaporCapital and @MoniqueWoodard from @500Startups in convo with @MarthaSoledad at a @PitchPerfectSV event #startup @pemo

— Megan E. Morrice (@XMeganM) February 21, 2017

About last night!

— Marlon C. Nichols (@MarlonCNichols) February 1, 2017

.@MarlonCNichols talks fundraising, cultural investing, investment etiquette, & more w/ @pemo for @PitchPerfectSV

— CrossCultureVC (@CrossCultureVC) February 12, 2017

Guaranteed to be a great #VC chat featuring #kauffmanfellows @MrStartup

— Kauffman Fellows (@KauffmanFellows) February 2, 2017

#pitchperfectsv @pemo Packed house for the VC Chat & Global Demo Night

— Asya Bradley (@msasya) February 1, 2017

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